Security & Risk Management

TEMPO Logistik utilizes conventional systems to protect your valuable business assets from disaster, litigation, negligence or loss with our unique and proprietary SQC (Supplier Quality & Compliance) Program.

A stringent due diligence process and supplier contract are executed to clearly define the obligations and responsibilities of the Supplier; based on today’s transportation legal climate. A company will only become a TEMPO Logistik SQC Carrier after our protocols and high standards have been met.

Our SQC Program metrics include:

  • Delivery reliability
  • Equipment availability
  • Safety Rating
  • Complaints
  • FAST/C-TPAT program
  • Driver and personnel quality
  • Claims
  • Insurance coverage
  • Business /operating licences
  • Material handling permits
  • WCB

No more guesswork – all new TEMPO Logistik carriers are individually tested and closely monitored for a trial period to develop a proven track record and shield you from performance risks.

To further protect you, our SQC Program is managed by a dedicated team of logistics experts that monitor every organization in our supplier network. This ensures performance quality and regulatory compliance, saving you endless worry.

You can rely on TEMPO Logistik’s SQC Program to give you the peace of mind of knowing you will never again have to worry about security and risk management.

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