Company Overview

A leading third-party logistics provider, TEMPO Logistik offers a vast array of transportation services throughout North America and the world.

The Tempo Logistik TEAM have been involved in the transportation field since 1972 bringing forth, experienced expertise covering divers sectors within the logistics industry. This collective knowledge and customer-oriented team approach provides TEMPO Logistik with the know-how to provide a superior level of customer satisfaction and on-time delivery performance across all industry sectors.

Taking advantage of Internet technology, our in-house and proven third-party logistic model enables TEMPO Logistik to provide:

  • Sector leading on-time delivery performance
  • North American and extended Global reach
  • Single source transportation planning, execution and ongoing management of your needs
  • Efficiencies and cost effective improvement across all aspects of your supply chain requirements

Our shipping expertise, network of exceptional transportation partners and ability to ship via any mode of transport throughout North America and the world, positions us as a leading, full service 3PL firm. Our solutions are custom designed for the challenges and opportunities unique to each of our clients’ supply chain prerequisites.

Partnering with TEMPO Logistik will allow you to achieve several key benefits:

  • Optimization of all of your shipments, business processes, and shipping network.
  • Continuous ongoing client service improvements.
  • Immediate costs reductions.
  • Litigation and financial loss prevention.
  • No upfront capital investment

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