North American Trucking

Tempo Logistik offers a number of service levels for both full truckload and less than truckload shipments. Whenever you want to ship dry goods, over dimensional, temperature controlled and specialized freight, you can count on Tempo.

  • Expedited - sameday pickup  and an agreed upon delivery with a team of drivers if required.
  • Standard - next day pickup and delivery within agreed upon time frame.
  • Economy - Delivery within agreed upon time frame usually 5 to 7 days.

With Tempo you will receive real advantages and the flexibility not usually provided from conventional  carriers - delivering sector-leading, specialized shipping solutions that are tailored to your firms unique business needs.

Tempo's complete range of transportation-based service levels and equipment types are designed to provide you with maximum levels of availability and flexibility in shipping your goods to and from any point in around the world.