Freight Management

Tempo's hands on experience in third party logistics is what you want in coordinating  the design, implementation and execution of your comprehensive freight management system.

Some of our Freight Management services :

  • North Americain-wide dispatching, freight scheduling, control and follow up
    Transporation management consultation, analysis and implementation
  • Online tracking of your shipments and their  status
  • Freight comparisons and alternatives, rate analysis and quotes
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Reporting systems
  • Intermodal links
  • Onlie POD's
  • Single source service for all modes and specialties

Our Freight Management solutions are custom-designed to improve the effectiveness of your freight planning and ordering processing.

With Tempo's Freight Management system you will receive several key benefits:

  • Instant freight infrastructure
  • Variable transportation costs
  • State of the art shipping methods and systems
  • Reduced costly turnover - hiring and training
  • Increased quality and output
  • Continuous operational improvement, performance and monitoring
  • Immediate cost savings

Tempo has first hand experience in third party logistics to coordinate the design, implementation and execution of your lead transporation logistic freight management program. Everything from taking countless orders to scheduling individual pickups and deliveries - it's everything you've always wanted in a freight management company.