Tempo's vast range of transportation services provides you with the flexibility in making the right choice in moving your shipment to its destination on time, in the most cost effective manner, throughout North America or  around the world.

Our internet based solution provides you with push button ease in shipping your cargo by truck, plane, ocean container or  intermodally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tempo's logistics consulting team works directly with you in designing a complete or partial supply chain model that will serve as a source of long-term competitive advantage for your company, now and into the future.

From examining your current routing and consolidation practices to assessing the economic benefits of re-designing your entire supply chain operations and systems, we have first-hand experience in applying rigorous analytics and modeling processes to ensure your company is operating at peak efficiency.


Tempo's warehousing and distribution services are a perfect match to  your shipping requirements. Items will move  seamlessly with speed  through our system thereby reducing expensive inventory carrying expenses.


Tempo's world wide air service adds the flexibility that you need to compete in this fast paced business environment.  From an envelope to several skids we offer a wide range of services to meet your schedule.


Tempo's intermodal solutions combine the flexibility and high levels of on time deliveries with the economy of the  North American railroad network. Being a domestic or international client this intermodal system will provide more economy then conventional trucking.

Luis Onofre

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Frank De Lisi
VP Operations

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Howard Staviss
Director Sales

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